Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heartfelt Thanks and Merry Christmas

Hi there,

In whatever country, culture, latitude and attitude! :) this letter finds you  - I want to personally send you my warm wishes for the holiday season. I am wishing you large amounts of happiness, love, peace and joy amongst family and friends. And I am wishing you small things too, like family tiffs, holiday traffic, credit card balances, waistline and checkout queues. Ho Ho Ho  life goes on!

Christmas is a time of rituals, some going back to the dawn of civilisation. One Christmas New Year ritual I love is my annual review. I look both back and forward and take time to count my blessings. I plan, dream, look at lessons learned. It is a gorgeous ritual, made much easier by 4me2realize. As I do this, I realize there are many people who have touched my life in very positive ways this year. You are one of these people. Thank you.

Really, Really, EXTRA Thank you because this year has been one that has tested my resolve, self belief, ability and resourcefulness. It has also asked me to step up repeatedly. Having been in business for 20+ years is no guarantee that starting a new business will be easy! A lot has changed. And so have I. But I have loved every minute because I have not journeyed alone. You have made it worthwhile, reading my letters, your positive comments, your feedback, support and interest.  I am writing today because I remember you. You touched me and it has all helped. I am soooo grateful to you and blessed to have your involvement. In the moments that I was tested, you have helped me keep my resolve.

I love my life, I’ve loved sharing with you and I am looking forward to the New Year.

Thank you
And Happy Christmas 

Kindest regards,

Castaly Lombe
Chief of Makin' it Happen
Be the change you want to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi
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Accept the Rescue..... What the heck?

Only 2 more sleeps.... If you could have the life of your dreams, what would it look like? If Santa said you can have whatever you like this Christmas....anything at all, what would you ask for?  More health, wealth, happiness, world peace, success, admiration, security, control, respect, fitness, abundance, love, adventure?

If you really think about it, what’s stopping you from having that now? People like Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Stephen Covey say whatever you dream you can realize.

You don’t need Santa, you just need to know how.  4me2realize can show you how.

To help you try it out we’re offering 2 months trial at $45 plus bonuses worth $1300. Go to this link to get more information.

Will you do what it takes? Will you “accept the rescue” to realize your true, awesome, magnificent potential?  Unlike Santa, this is not a fairytale. There are scientifically proven methods of success. Used consistently you can create life on your terms.  Make 4me2realize your partner and make 2011 your best ever year.... 

If you would like to realize your potential in this life, plus some amazingly generous bonuses, please click this link.

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This Christmas, give yourself a gift that will last your whole life and remember this offer ends 25 December at midnight. Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas day I will be having lunch with friends and family here at our farm then heading down to the river for a swim (if it warms up!). Relaxing and sharing. Whatever you are doing, I wish you great joy. Please take care on the roads and have a great holiday.

Kindest regards,

Castaly Lombe
Chief of Makin' it Happen
Be the change you want to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Melbourne Cup, How to pick the winner
In  Australia, where I live, we have an annual horse race in November, the Melbourne Cup, which stops the country.

You have to experience it to believe it. It is an unofficial holiday, with parties at work, almost everyone bets, women wear hats, and there is a TV propped up on the desk come race time….

To back the winner of the Melbourne Cup is easy. You just choose the winning horse. Thousands of people do it every year. So now you know. Too easy.

In my first real journalism job for the local newspaper, I paid $5 to go in to the office sweep and was absolutely delighted to get the winner and win $35, which was a lot to add to my meager pay check as a cadet! The Managing Editor came to congratulate me, but he was mostly annoyed that he had lost $500!

It’s a gamble. And I’ll have some fun every November for this amazing horse race, but it’s not the way I play my life. I like more calculated risks.

How many people, maybe yourself, pay a lot to win, but accept poor odds by doing nothing more than putting the money down? Paid for gym membership and never showed up, bought the book but never read it, attended the conference and never implemented a single suggestion? I have done this!

You are full of good intentions, even willing to part with your money, but then the challenge of making changes, taking action, trips you up... 
There are two reasons why this might happen; 
1. Poor alignment; the plan you had is not right for you.
2. You lack something; help or knowledge or encouragement or understanding or motivation. Something was missing to get you over the finishing line.

If you had everything you needed (no excuses please) then it’s time to look and understand yourself and set more aligned goals.

If you didn’t have everything you needed to achieve, work out what’s missing, and get it!

In both cases, most people miss motivation and understanding themselves. They have the money, they have the good intentions, but they are just gambling and the odds are they’ll lose. I don’t like those odds.

Getting self awareness is a job you choose to do, just like building a business and putting out the garbage. If you do the work, good things flow and bad things get handled (yep – they still happen). With self awareness you will know if you are being tripped up by a lack or poor alignment.

So good luck with the Melbourne Cup, have fun with your flutter, but when it comes to your life, don’t gamble. 

Get a system that helps you understand and get alignment.

4me2realize incorporates these principles.
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Castaly Lombe

Chief of Makin' it Happen
Be the change you want to see in the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Live Your Why » Don’t Be Afraid to Jump.

Don’t Be Afraid to Jump.

Oct 19 2010
“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Ghandi
I clarified why I’m here in 2007. It is to use my unlimited love and boundless creativity and enthusiasm to move, awaken and open people to the possibilities in themselves and in this amazing world and be an agent for positive change.
When I clarified this into words, it was like a chorus of angels started singing. Suddenly I understood how everything that had happened, good and bad, had conspired to bring me to that point. I could also see very clearly where I was going and what I needed to do. I was so inspired.
My husband and I had established a software company in 1989. It is very successful — #1 in its niche. I had learned tons building the business with him and our amazing team. He was very happy, but I was struggling with motivation. We set up Anti-Chaos Systems in 2006 and its first product flopped. It wasn’t aligned with my purpose. Then, in 2009, we released 4me2realize. What followed has been amazing.
Starting a new venture is full of pitfalls. Most businesses fail in the first 5 years. We are no exception; getting traction has been exasperating. But, do you want to know something really weird? Even though we are just starting and experiencing some real challenges, I am having the best time!
The things that would have once sent me sideways or backwards, both personally and professionally, are just blips on a radar that is guiding me towards a greater vision. Motivation is not a problem. I never work. I am playing everyday, discovering and learning more than I ever have before. It might look like work to some, but if you are coming from your heart it’s just pure joy.
4me2realize is perfectly aligned with my purpose. It helps people realize their potential. In building this business I use all of my God-given skills. I get people all of the time telling us how they connect with and love 4me2realize, how it helps them build the life they love and fulfill their purpose.
I am frugal by nature and my husband and I are investing a lot in 4me2realize. I feel like I have jumped off of a cliff because all my fears about money are free falling. I am shit scared a lot! You take a risk to follow your heart. Then, you discover what it takes to have faith in yourself. After a while, instead of being scared and falling, you start to fly. It is exhilarating.
I don’t want to mislead you; this transformation has had some dark, muddy, slippery, cold and fearful moments. The burning light was and is to clearly follow my purpose. It’s like a guarantee. If I am true to myself, then everything will be alright. I cannot go wrong if my burning desire is true. And there is some pain and resistance and self-awareness that must be unlocked. All I can say is… the seeking is worth the reward.
In today’s busy, competitive world, it’s so easy to get distracted and sidetracked. When I get lost, I go back to my purpose. It gives me comfort, strength, guidance, direction, motivation and determination.
What is really weird is that once you get hooked into your Why, it doesn’t really matter what you do, or what other people think. Conventional definitions of success and failure melt away. You have your own yardstick. Your life purpose doesn’t limit you to one thing — it frees you to do what makes your heart sing, whatever that may be.
With heart singing passion, joy, love and enthusiasm,
Castaly Lombe
PS Here’s a poem that sums up everything :)
One Hundred Possibilities, One Authentic Life
When you think there is only one option
There are walls and limitations.
There are one hundred possibilities
for you to realize your potential.
How do you transform boundaries
into boundless opportunities?
Let your thoughts run free
as they were meant to be: creatively.
When you have one hundred possibilities
pick the one that suits your best. Be true to you.
Know WHY you do what you want to do.
When you have one hundred possibilities,
You have a choice.
Choose who you are, Choose how you will live.
Choose your rules. Choose the meaning.
When you have one hundred possibilities,
you have to decide –
Who do you want to be? What’s important?
When do you let go and move on?
Change. Take responsibility.
When you have one hundred possibilities,
you have to take action.
Action that resonates and motivates.
Action that inspires and frightens you.
Action that ignites the fires of creation and brilliance
that for so long lay dormant within you, softly burning.
Massive action that stuns you from the stupors of mediocrity.
When you have one hundred possibilities
the chains that shackle you break.
Your heart opens.
When you have one hundred possibilities
you can live one, authentic life.


Castaly Lombe

Chief of Makin' it Happen
Be the change you want to see in the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi



Thursday, September 23, 2010

You are a lot like a rock, or not?

Most people think of rocks as ordinary, plentiful, basic, unchangeable, hard and uncompromising, massive, dependable, solid, certain.... maybe?

And maybe not. If you take notice, there are millions of types of rocks. That’s because they are changing ALL the (long) time in response to many variables. For example the rocks in some places of the earth’s crust are plastic, bending, flexing, moving continents, creating tsunamis.

Changing rocks is known as the metamorphic process. It combines the rock’s original state with time, pressure, moisture, temperature and chemicals to produce an endless variety of new rocks that is simply astounding.

You are a lot like a rock; you are a unique combination of pre-existing conditions like genetics, location, social environment, beliefs and experiences, just like a rock is a unique combination of chemicals formed in different environmental conditions.

And just like a rock, you can be metamorphed, over time to something entirely different according to the combination of actions around you and your unique self.

Unlike rock, you have choice. (How ironic, that biblical no-know, free will....) So you are not something that is passively subjected to time, pressure, moisture, temperature and chemicals. Or is that social conditions, genetics, environment, beliefs, experiences, location?

You, unlike a rock, have a choice of what to make of what happens to you. What happens to you is, of course, created by you to facilitate your own growth, even if you are not aware of this.

What you make of this depends on your choices. A rock is a logical and definable entity. We know exactly how much pressure is required to turn carbon into diamonds. Human nature (psychology) is not so logical or definable. No one knows exactly what you will do under pressure. Will you become more determined or give up? The choice is yours. And through your decisions, your destiny is created.

There are times when we all feel like rocks – hardening our resistance to change and growth. But even rocks can and do change. And what they become is quite often miraculous.

Start your own metamorphism. Understand where you are now, visualise your destination. Get clear on your current attributes and the ones you will need to create your desired future. If this all sounds like too much work, you can do 2 things, sit there like a rock and let it all happen to you, OR get 4me2realize and use it to start EASILY creating the future of your dreams.....

Rock on (sorry), Kind regards
Cas – a diamond in the makin’

P.s. This is impressive.... Most natural diamonds are formed at high-pressure high-temperature conditions existing at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 120 mi) in the Earth mantle. Carbon-containing minerals provide the carbon source, and the growth occurs over periods from 1 billion to 3.3 billion years (25% to 75% of the age of the Earth). Now I appreciate my diamond ring!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

The problem – my life management was a dog’s breakfast!

I am an avid seeker of my higher self. I have read a tonne of self development books, been to many self development courses, even walked on fire. I have taken hundreds of pages of notes.  I meditate daily. Eat my greens. Exercise, visualise and affirm my mantras. I watch DVD’s, listen to CD’s and read and research online.

All of this has been transformational, liberating, enlightening. But I still had a problem.

I had created my life purpose. I had written down my goals. I had a long to do list and a daily journal. I had high standards and ambitious plans. I also had a work and family schedule. Sometimes it seemed I was spending more time organising myself than doing the things I loved or needed to do.

All these “parts” of my life were in different places, even though they were all related to each other. I had to constantly keep referring to them. Amending them became more effort than it was worth. I did as best I could to keep track of it all in my head and with various lists and systems. It was, in short, a dog’s breakfast and frustrating.

I tried a few different systems, including Anthony Robbin’s Rapid Planning Method or Results, Purpose, Massive Action (RPM). I loved the principles in that system, but it was a lot of repetitious, cumbersome, onerous work. I wanted it online, sleek and easy. 

Online there were many systems that offered goal setting, life purpose and journaling, but none that tied it all up together. That’s what I wanted. That was my problem. I needed to bring it all together in one place and make it easy and simple to use and refer to, so that my grand plans and little details all got looked after in one place.

I’m so pleased I found 4me2realize. I have goal setting, Life purpose and journaling all in one place, all integrated and sleek. I also have reminders by SMS or email, a place to store all my magic moments and life’s wisdom. I have my life on a page which really helps me get clarity and focus on what’s important. And the behaviour analysis is so subtle and empowering, utilising the best of modern psychology, I get the self awareness to create the life I desire.

If you have had the same problem, don’t settle for a dog’s breakfast, try 4me2realize.

Castaly Lombe

Chief of Makin' it Happen
Be the change you want to see in the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is more important, your life or your money?

Do you do business? Involved in the business world in anyway? Have you ever bought or sold something? Then you know that in this world everything revolves around one thing, a financial transaction. Nothing happens until something is sold. (Really?)

And when something is sold, a record is kept, a financial record. Where would the world be without financial systems? Started by the Egyptians more than 3 thousand years ago, and still going strong! They track every transaction, every nuance of buyer behaviour and market favour.

No one would start a business and get very far without a financial system in the background, ticking over, recording every sale, creating balance sheets, profit and loss reports, budgets, monthly and yearly reports. Taking the financial pulse of every artery of business, letting us know those vital statistics, allowing us to make adjustments, chart our course and create wealth and success, and avoid failure and ruin.

Wouldn’t you agree these financial systems are VERY important.  But it is ONLY money. There is one thing even more important, YOUR LIFE.

What system do you have for your life?

If your life is worth MORE than MONEY, why wouldn’t you treat it with MORE respect, more importance, time, consideration, priority? Hmm.... thought provoking I hope.

Because my life is more important than anything I own, I have developed a system that tracks my EMOTIONAL transactions. You see -  there is more to life than financial transactions.....MUCH MORE.

I get a balance sheet of my Life, assets, liabilities, expenses and income, in terms of who I am and who I want to become, my strengths and weaknesses. What I get and what I give when I contribute my talents to the world.... I have my budget on goals, aspirations and achievements and reports on projects & progress. I can see where I need to make adjustments in spending – emotional energy that is wasted and where there are opportunities for self development.

I record my assets in magic moments and my expenses in wisdom and lessons learned. I live fully. Just like a well run business, I track my transactions to achieve my fullest potential.

If you have a business head, have you ever thought about a system that would help you run your life like you run a business? A life management system?

Since the Egyptians humans have been creating systems, since Aristotle, humans have sought improvement in higher realms, ourselves.

Combine systems with self development and you empower yourself to achieve your fullest potential. 

4me2realize combines a life management system, technology and psychology. What’s missing? Only You.

Kindest regards
Castaly Lombe -  Chief of Makin' Things Happen
Director Anti-Chaos Systems Pty Ltd

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What do you see in the Mirror?

There is a great book called the E-myth by Michael Gerber. If you run a business or want to, it is a MUST read, especially for small to medium sized business. If you want to one day be big, then Good to Great by Jim Collins is also an absolute MUST.

In E-myth Michael explains that a business, whatever it is, is an extension of yourself, your own personal beliefs and your own world view. Your business will reflect you.

When I looked at the business my husband and I had built, I could see it was true. A lot of the beliefs, values and characteristics of US, were ingrained into the corporate culture of our business, honesty, hard work, perseverance. Standard stuff, but we also had; daring to be different, fun, commonsense, and caring! These were unique to us and our business.

Our business very much reflected our strengths.... AND our weaknesses. So if our business wasn’t performing, we had no further to look, than ourselves. Sobering stuff. But also liberating....

If there are things around you, in your business, your job, your relationship, your health or wealth that are not proceeding as you would like them, the first place to look for solutions is within yourself.

In most cases, what appears around you, is a reflection of what is inside you. What at first appears external, is in fact very much influenced by your internal reality. The good news means that it can change. That’s liberating.

The hard lesson, is that to change anything in your world, the most effective place to start, is with yourself. For many people, it is easier to blame the economic climate, their partner, their boss, their parents, for their predicament. It is easier, but not effective.

When we try and change we come up against RESISTANCE. At this point most people resign themselves to the “way things are” and do their best to cope. Successful people are different. They use strategies and systems that make changing their internal reality and therefore their external circumstances, easy and effective. Drat them, it’s actually natural for them.

The happy news is, these systems and strategies can be learned, used and implemented by anyone with the will.

Using 4me2realize will guide you everyday to adopt habits, strategies, thinking, behaviour and systems that will make changing your circumstances easier and more fun than a tonne of excuses!

Get into the habits of the highly successful, design your own life and live on your terms.

Let me know what external circumstances you have found that reflect your internal reality and what you did or are doing to change it.

Kindest regards

Castaly Lombe -  Chief of Makin' Things Happen
Director Anti-Chaos Systems Pty Ltd

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Exuberant public speaker and software system design Company Director Castaly Lombe will give 2 free evening talks in Melbourne in August exposing the critical 3 things people need to achieve life goals.

She said “Most people are exposed to goal setting in the work place, and while there is some overlap, the productivity orientated goal setting style can be a poor model for people’s personal life goals.”

“For example, when a baby is learning to walk, we don’t apply S.M.A.R.T.  (Specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timely). The baby walks when it is ready. There is a right time for every baby and everybody. Life goals are like that,” she said.

Mrs Lombe said this simple understanding would save people tonnes of guilt and reduce the number of people who abandoned goal setting altogether. 

“Unlike productivity driven work goals, when people set life goals, we are looking for passion that will drive us through the tough times! People need 3 important support elements. They need a Life Purpose on top and self reflection underneath. Goals are just part of a more complete picture of what the whole person becomes as they make this journey called life,” she said.

Most people do life goals without these support elements, New Year’s Resolutions are a good example, most fail.

Mrs Lombe will talk about tried and true, practical and useful methods people can use to achieve life goals as well as modern tools and systems, like the internet and iphone applications. She says finding your personal goal setting style is really important.

“I show people strategies that work, systems that help, methods available, but at the end of the day, people need to be open minded, curious, inventive and individual in finding what is right for them. I recommend structure and discipline, but I avoid prescription. One size does not fit all.”  

As Director of several software publishing companies Mrs Lombe has almost 20 years experience with systems and their design as well as working with people and teams.

Grattan Gardens Community Centre, 40 Grattan Street, Prahran

Wednesday 25 & Thursday 26  7-9pm. Ring 1300 344 070 to register