Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Upcoming Event – CASTALY LOMBE


Are you stressing out because you don’t have enough time? Do you constantly live your live day by day and at the end of the week realise that you haven’t actually achieved anything at all? Hows that ‘to do’ list looking? Are there about 50 items on there or are you too scared to even do one?

Are you spending your time doing the things that are important or urgent? Imagine what it would feel like if you could finally decide to take action and STOP. Stop procrastinating and instead choose a life of meaning, passion, joy and ecstacy.

I bet your asking how right about now. How can I start living the life i deserve? Simple, just choose to come along to the dream team event this month and find out not only the mindset of how, but go back with an amazing knowledge of the tools out there to help you make your life amazing

So boys and girls, ladies and gents, aliens and predators, get your phones out and load up your calendar programs and put in the following date and venue right now – August 9th at the Kirribilli Community Centre. 16-18 Fitzroy Street, Kirribilli NSW 2061.

Get together 7pm for socialising and for a 7:30pm start.

We have Castaly Lombe speaking about life / time management. Cataly is the director of 4me2realize software. This software is just like Tony’s RPM planner on steroids, but so much easier to use .. imagine the RPM program, but SUPERSIZED!

Castaly is a robbins Mastery University graduate just like most of you and has realised that the purpose in life is to be purposeful, not doing the things that are just easier to do in the moment.

Castaly is also a black belt in Soo Bahk Do, Korean Chinese traditional martial arts and is also a passionate horse rider

Castaly’s will engage with yourself on the following points in just the span of one evening

Build into the big picture of who you are and the beautiful life you create.

Give people clarity and focus on what they want in their life
Reminding you to continue using the skills you learnt at Tony Robbins and connect with people in a supportive environment

So get yourself there. You know that this is a must event for yourself no matter where you are in your life! Once again to recap – August 9th at the Kirribilli Community Centre. 16-18 Fitzroy Street, Kirribilli NSW 2061.

Get together 7pm for socialising and for a 7:30pm start.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stillness, silence and solitude

Stillness, silence and solitude
"Shut up! I can't hear myself think!" Have you heard, felt or said this? It is so noisy you can't think. You feel bombarded and overwhelmed. You can't concentrate or focus. There is so much clamouring for your attention, you don't know where to start.... sound familiar?
Have you ever wondered why every major religion has a meditative, prayerful, or retreat in solitude component? Why images of meditating monks on mountain tops resonates with us? Or solitary walks on beaches? 
(Picture taken this morning from my front veranda.)
Everyone recognises the need for stillness, silence and solitude, but how many of us get it, do it, experience it regularly? If you live in a big city, you never get a moment's silence, even in the depth of night, there is a background roar of traffic, machinery, artificial light dims the magnificence of the stars. You are never alone. Yet in the crowds we can feel the greatest isolation...how happy are you with your own company?
We are busy in a noisy, crowded world. When do you lay back, switch off, take time out? Think. Contemplate, stare. Rebalance to our natural state of serenity and calmness?
For most people in today's world, space for stillness, silence and solitude has to be scheduled and planned. Often it is not a priority against other competing demands.
Yet in the spaces we leave for stillness, silence and solitude, can be our greatest creative moments, insights, brilliant concepts conceived. Light bulb moments, life changing decisions. Without effort they come bidden into the spaces we allow. For humans contemplative time is essential to unwind and de-stress. To organise our thoughts and make sense of our lives.
Recently I visited Sydney for business. I was acutely aware of my senses being overloaded, by sounds and sights. I enjoyed the variety, intensity and excitement of the city. But I felt relieved to be home on the farm where there is not a billboard in sight. The silence is deafening and the stars are brilliant in the night sky. I am blessed to have this space around me all the time. But how do my city cousins cope? They are immune, unaware and unconscious, it has become background noise they ignore. In this way, we cope.
When you turn your senses off to the "hurly burley," it enables you to survive and thrive in a busy crowded environment.  You focus on what you need to do and the rest is filtered out. There is a risk that you will filter out some stuff you need to hear, feel and do.  That you disconnect from your awareness and consciousness. Good news, easy to fix, just make sure you have time for stillness, silence and solitude; and it doesn't have to be hard, try these;
·         Turn the radio/music  off sometimes
·         Turn off the TV for a day or a week
·         Visit a national park for a day and get into the bush
·         Meditate, pray or reflect
·         Listen more than talk
·         Get out of town to star gaze
·         Be alone
·         Find a place that is still or silent, and be still or silent in it
·         Lie on some grass and watch clouds or tree leaves
·         Be unoccupied with anything
·         Have a day doing nothing but whatever you feel like...
Finding space in your life for stillness, silence and solitude is a precious gift to yourself. You will be surprised at the results as you reconnect with feelings, sensations, feedback from your inner voice, yourself.
So next time you schedule the meeting, the shopping, whatever, plan some time for silence, stillness and solitude. Be amazed at what you discover within your own head space.
 4me2realize uses self reflection in the Journey section to help you hear your inner voice, to contemplate your life and make sense of what you do amidst the noise and clutter.
Wishing you stillness, silence and solitude....

Castaly Lombe -  Chief of Makin' Things Happen
Director Anti-Chaos Systems Pty Ltd

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi
Phone +61 1 300 344 070  www.4me2realize.com

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Make it Easy

Often when we think about improving ourselves and our lives, we put it off, get daunted, overwhelmed and slump exhausted before we even begin!
How can improvement become easy? Well first, stop thinking about it as a fight, struggle, battle, act of iron willed discipline, or whatever you think.... These negative thoughts will undermine your enthusiasm and ultimately deliver what you don't want.
Change is easy when you know what to switch onto. Here's just one thing that will help.
Use you Reticular Activating System or RAS.  This part of your brain will actually notice what you need. So when looking for black socks, you don't notice the white ones. When someone calls your name in a crowd, you hear your name, not the background noise.

The RAS will, without any effort on your behalf, point out what you need.... if you're listening and focused. So a business man focused on a growing a business will see opportunities specific to his business. A woman teaching a child will find teaching resources ideal for her child's needs. 

It's like your brain organising the information that is bombarding you, and easily selects what it knows you are focusing on. Beware, however, if you focus on bad stuff. It does not discriminate. What you hold in your mind, the RAS will find for you. The RAS developed because to survive we must automatically focus on what we need. A hunter doesn't need to see the trees and bushes, just the shape or movement that signals prey. The brain is exceptional in filtering and finding just what you need.  And you can use this quirk of nature to make change in your life easy and accomplishable.

Focus regularly with clear bright visualisation, on what you want. Remind yourself (using 4me2realise is very easy) often to keep it in your consciousness. I am willing to bet that within hours or days, what you need will appear.

This has worked many times for me. I wanted a pony for my kids and a lady gave me one for free! I wanted a very rare sapphire ring, and one day it appeared in a market at the price I wanted to pay. I want to eat good food and that food is always in my life, because I focus on that food and give it my attention. Each week I sit down with recipe books and visualise the beautiful meals I will cook. It is no effort, it is a joy, to find this food on my table each evening. I love cooking and preparing it, because that is what I focus on. When you use your RAS, I have found that the things you create also appear at exactly the right time. Sometimes I think things appear late or early, but when I look back, the timing was perfect. This also works for people and business opportunities.

The trick is finding a way to keep what you want to create, in focus. 4me2realize has an excellent reminder system utilising your phone and email. It can be set to randomly send unexpected reminders, which have much more impact! And the reminders can be sent direct from your goals and projects.

It all helps.

Kindest regards

Castaly Lombe -  Chief of Makin' Things Happen
Director Anti-Chaos Systems Pty Ltd

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi
Phone +61 1 300 344 070  www.4me2realize.com

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How heavy is it?

source : http://www.lostartsmedia.com/images/NatureInLove01.jpg

Have you ever noticed how bad stuff gets more attention than good stuff? It weighs more somehow. Why is this?
My husband and I were in travelling with a group in Germany when we found ourselves in the midst of a fight, over something silly, yet it absorbed all our attention. We didn't notice the glistening snow, or the beautiful forest or our smoky cold breath hanging in the icy air. We talked and thought all about this problem we had with these people.
When we became aware that we were immersed in this crap, we asked why... the key is asking good questions....and we could see a pattern, that when ever there is a problem it gets more of our attention. More than when there is something good happening.
We put it down to a biological legacy driven by the need to survive. Back in "cave man" days problems had to be solved to ensure the survival of the social group.  But the problems we were giving all our emotional attention and energy were not a matter of survival, they were just plain silly. What amazed us is how we had got sucked into this emotional vortex. And we got out. We stopped focusing on this silly problem, decided what we would do, and got on with more enjoyable things.
People are much more motivated by pain than pleasure, sad but true. You get much more attention if you're "clinically depressed,' rather than coping and thriving! You buy newspapers and magazines that relish bad news. It's so intriguing when someone else has cocked up! Media magnets know this so well. They make millions from our inherent interest in bad stuff.
But at the end of the day it is a CHOICE. Your choice. What you invest your emotional energy in defines you. Ask yourself, what are you choosing to focus on and what meaning are you giving it? Are these thoughts dragging you down or building you up? Choose to build. Reject thoughts that destroy. Learn whatever lesson is there for you and then move on. Your emotional energy is just as important as your physical vitality. Are you fat and lazy with your thinking? Are you feeding your brain junk food?
Become aware of what your brain and thinking is consuming and producing. What are you reading and listening to? Is it building or destroying you? What are you thinking, positive or negative?
My son had a bad dream when he was little. He was frightened to go back to sleep again. As I sat with him he visualised the bad dream, then we got a big black imaginary marker and drew a big black imaginary cross right over those bad thoughts. We crossed them right out. He realised he had POWER to CHOOSE what he was thinking about and to turn off destructive frightening thoughts. This was an amazingly simple, powerful life lesson and he uses it all the time.
Personally, I restrict the news I listen to, the people I let into my inner circle, the amount of advertising I see. I have chosen the place I live to give me peace and serenity. I read and view television and internet content selectively and I minimise the time I spend there. I am discerning. I exercise rigorously my right to CHOOSE what my mind consumes. This discipline frees me to create the life I want.
The bad stuff can consume a disproportionate weight of your attention. That's natural as you learn the lesson, but don't get stuck enjoying the dramatic weight of bad stuff. Move on.   
4me2realize helps you become aware of the weight and impact of your thinking. Use it regularly to exercise your right to choose, the discipline to create the life you want to realize.
 Kindest regards

Castaly Lombe -  Chief of Makin' Things Happen
Director Anti-Chaos Systems Pty Ltd

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi
Phone +61 1 300 344 070  www.4me2realize.com