Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Make it Easy

Often when we think about improving ourselves and our lives, we put it off, get daunted, overwhelmed and slump exhausted before we even begin!
How can improvement become easy? Well first, stop thinking about it as a fight, struggle, battle, act of iron willed discipline, or whatever you think.... These negative thoughts will undermine your enthusiasm and ultimately deliver what you don't want.
Change is easy when you know what to switch onto. Here's just one thing that will help.
Use you Reticular Activating System or RAS.  This part of your brain will actually notice what you need. So when looking for black socks, you don't notice the white ones. When someone calls your name in a crowd, you hear your name, not the background noise.

The RAS will, without any effort on your behalf, point out what you need.... if you're listening and focused. So a business man focused on a growing a business will see opportunities specific to his business. A woman teaching a child will find teaching resources ideal for her child's needs. 

It's like your brain organising the information that is bombarding you, and easily selects what it knows you are focusing on. Beware, however, if you focus on bad stuff. It does not discriminate. What you hold in your mind, the RAS will find for you. The RAS developed because to survive we must automatically focus on what we need. A hunter doesn't need to see the trees and bushes, just the shape or movement that signals prey. The brain is exceptional in filtering and finding just what you need.  And you can use this quirk of nature to make change in your life easy and accomplishable.

Focus regularly with clear bright visualisation, on what you want. Remind yourself (using 4me2realise is very easy) often to keep it in your consciousness. I am willing to bet that within hours or days, what you need will appear.

This has worked many times for me. I wanted a pony for my kids and a lady gave me one for free! I wanted a very rare sapphire ring, and one day it appeared in a market at the price I wanted to pay. I want to eat good food and that food is always in my life, because I focus on that food and give it my attention. Each week I sit down with recipe books and visualise the beautiful meals I will cook. It is no effort, it is a joy, to find this food on my table each evening. I love cooking and preparing it, because that is what I focus on. When you use your RAS, I have found that the things you create also appear at exactly the right time. Sometimes I think things appear late or early, but when I look back, the timing was perfect. This also works for people and business opportunities.

The trick is finding a way to keep what you want to create, in focus. 4me2realize has an excellent reminder system utilising your phone and email. It can be set to randomly send unexpected reminders, which have much more impact! And the reminders can be sent direct from your goals and projects.

It all helps.

Kindest regards

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