Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why and How is 4me2realize Different?

4me2realize is unique because;
  1. Combines 3 powerful self improvement strategies, designing and applying a Life Purpose, Goal setting and journaling.
  2. Puts them together in an online computer database that can be used anywhere, anytime.
  3. The design of 4me2realize links Life Purpose with Goal setting with journaling, just like life, they overlap and interlink.
  4. Traditional Journaling’s chronological limitations are overcome by 4me2realize because it organises information BOTH by date and subject giving people great clarity, focus and power in their life design.
  5. These links help people get alignment and congruence between how they think and behave.
  6. It helps people orchestrate their lives.
  7. It is simple, fun and satisfying to use and people stay with it.
  8. Once established people can clearly see it’s benefits in their lives.
  9. You will actually come to look forward to your 4me2realize time each day.
  10. It does not gather dust on a bookshelf after the event or after you’ve read it.
  11. It is not expensive, your real investment is time and commitment for a better life.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crewing at Unleash the Power Within 2009, Singapore.

Wooohooo! Castaly and I applied to Crew at UPW Singapore and our applications were both successful. Actually to tell you the truth the fact that I’ve filled out my Purpose bit in 4me2realize really helped. The questions (gruelling they were!) in the application form were eerily similar to the questions within 4me2realize. Yay for me!

We arrived in Singapore on the 2nd of September and checked into the Changi Village Hotel. We organised to meet up at breakfast and perhaps go into Singapore City to have a little peek before coming back to the Changi area to attend the registration for UPW 2009 Crew at the Sing Expo.

So at about 9am we set out to explore Singapore. First stop was Singapore flyer to have a bird’s eye view of the city. After that we took an open-air double-decker tour bus ride with a tour guide – it was delightful! We stopped off at Orchard Road and Chinatown after that.

We reported for duty at the Sing Expo at about 2.30pm. There were about 75 of us from around the world who decided to contribute time and resources towards helping to make the event more enjoyable and for the participants to have the maximum experience from UPW.

We were all given Crew tee-shirts, duties and name tags. We felt belonged. And we belonged to a legion of fantastically amazing people! We were all there for one Purpose; to make the event the best event ever, and to ensure that participants get the full impact of the event.

It was an amazing time for me, as we got to work with many remarkable human beings (the Crew). We got to meet Loren Slocum who acts as the Event Director for all Tony’s events and she is also the Founder, CEO and President of Lobela International who wrote the book “Life Tuneups” as well as other amazingly inspiring and high calibre people who lent their time and resources to making this event a magnificent one.

And on the first night, I walked on fire AGAIN! Yay! Exhilarating!

Throughout the event, I danced on stage 3 times! Once with Joseph McClendon III and another time with Tony himself!

We all know who Tony Robbins is but not many people know about Joseph, he is the founder of the Pro-Sequences Research Group, instructor at UCLA, International speaker, Senior Head Trainer and Instructor at Robbins Research’s highly acclaimed Mastery University and co-author of many of Tony’s books.

On the last day that Tony was presenting at this 4 day event, The Crew (small but mighty team we were!) was invited on stage in front of the 5000 strong-crowd of participants and I was at the very front and towards the middle. What an experience!
Tony led the way by singing us the gratitude song. Now, this is special! He was at the front, facing US, The Crew! Amazing! He announced that we did an astonishing job, seeing that the usual allocation was 1 Crew member per 40 odd participants. There were only 75 of us! And that is how we were nick-named “The Small But Might Team”.

It was an incredible time for me. I felt very rewarded, seeing faces of enthusiastic participants and Crew members. Feeling it, being there, and experiencing it. We were all lacking sleep, food and toilet breaks (no one wanted to leave the hall and miss out on anything Tony had to say and impart!) but we were feeding off each others’ energies and supporting each other. Astonishing!

I’m so glad I Crewed at this event. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to do so and I will be forever grateful for the experience, knowledge and bonds that were made with so many remarkable people.