Friday, November 20, 2009

4me2realize Reminder System

My Reminder
Now you have set up all your Goals and Projects how are you going to remember to do all that stuff?
4me2realize has a powerful reminder function that lets you do the nagging, arh, reminders! The reminder feature uses mobile phone text messages and emails to help you remember what’s important. If you have ever got caught up in something, and all your other priorities have gotten lost, then this feature will really help you because it will interrupt you and remind you of what YOUR agenda is.

4me2realize also offers 2 types of reminders, set or random. Set reminders occur at a specific time and are great for goals and projects. Random reminders area bit more feral! They can happen at any time and you can use them to really start working on your unconscious mind. The randomness of the message means you don’t expect it, which adds impact. Random messages are great for wisdom, gratitude, and magic moments, and getting you focused on what really matters in your life.

There are two more reminder types, free form or connected to a project or goal. Free forms are reminders about whatever you want and connected relate to a specific goal or project.

Start Realizing your Dreams Today!

Changing your life and realizing your dreams isn't hard or scary

My name is Castaly Lombe and I am one of the Directors of Anti Chaos Systems, the company that created 4me2realize. If you want to know more about me, I’m on facebook.
I really wanted to thank you very much for becoming a fan of 4me2realize.

If you haven't already, you should order our free book “Realize Your Dreams,” from our website 4me2realize.

It’s great that you are actively looking for ways to improve your life. Congratulations, many people don’t even get this far. I’d love to know what you think and how you are travelling on this amazing journey called life. What are you going to do next?

I really want to know because I used to find I’d make a start at something and then all the busy stuff of life would sideline my good intentions. I have great plans but the dishes still need to be washed or the TV watched or my friends are waiting for me!

Making a decision about taking control of your life, making improvements, changing things can be daunting.

You have already made a decision to look at software that can help you. You’ve made some investigations on the web and you’ve a fan. Well done! Already you are on track to creating the life you desire, because not only are you making decisions you are taking action.

Want to know a secret? Changing your life is not hard, it’s not big and it’s not scary. You just take a small step and keep walking.
Decision and action will change your destiny. They propel every step you take, shape your future and you have complete control!

So I’m writing to ask, what’s your next step? What decision and action will you take?

Using 4me2realize helps me see every day the accumulated effect of the consistent actions I take. It helps me direct my action to where it will be the most positive and useful and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction because I can easily see the progress I am making.

I use 4me2realize everyday to get clarity and focus about my life on a daily basis. What I find brilliant is the way it then gives me a bird’s eye view of my overall life and Purpose and the positive things I am doing.

I used to get overwhelmed because of the long to-do list I had. Not anymore. I have a Purpose that drives me through the clutter.

I talk from personal experience but everyone who has used 4me2realize says the same thing.

I would like you to try 4me2realize and prove this for yourself. When you subscribe you have a 60 day Money back guarantee. That means if during the first 60 days you don’t like the software, just shoot me an email and I will refund your money in full. No questions asked, no guilt.

So you have nothing to loose and everything to gain including a life of Purpose, where you get out of bed every morning knowing you’re on track to realize your Dreams.

How hard is it to make a decision to subscribe, to take action? Well, sometimes it can be tough. I mean what if the software doesn’t work or deliver? What if it just isn’t for you?

So I would like to offer you something that will help you take action. If you subscribe now I will provide 3 months of FREE on-line support and a year of free software upgrades.

That’s right, your software will be upgraded automatically for a year. Some companies charge more for this. We don’t. We want you to have the best software we can make. We want you to be super happy, so of course we want you to have the most up-to-date software version. This is one of the neat advantages of working with an on-line application. While you sleep, we can upgrade your software and make improvements. You don’t need to do anything. Every time we upgrade the software, you’ll get these improvements immediately.

And now you will have the reassurance of support. Anytime, anywhere we will respond to your email. No question is too much. We want to really get you on track to a better life. To realize your potential, to fulfil your true and wonderful destiny. But there might be some hurdles, or confusion, or challenges with the software. We don’t want this to stop you. All you have to do is send us the details at and within a maximum of 24 hours we will respond. Quicker if you live near Australia’s time zones

Normally software vendors charge extra for support services. These charges can be quiet large ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars! This can be a big disincentive, especially when you are just getting started and you only want a little help... so let’s do it for FREE

We know that after 3 months you will be able to use the software and will have a really good grasp of what it can do for you. After all, it’s super easy to use and understand.

Getting help is so important to getting you going, that’s why I am making this offer.

I hope these offers will provide the incentive you need to make a decision and take some action.

Click on this link and then the Subscribe button to start the ball rolling now.

4me2realize 60 Days FREE TRIAL

It’s that easy.

I look forward to giving you you’re first lesson on how to use the software and getting excited together as we help you on your fantastic journey called life!

Yours sincerely

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How do you achieve balance without joining the circus?

618 words, about one and a half minutes to read

Thursday 19 November 2009 from my Michelago desk at 3.30pm


Life balance is a often used phrase these days as we struggle to juggle life’s demands while walking the work/life balance tightrope. Sometimes it seems just another unachievable concept to tease and stress you!

Life balance is often measured using the wheel. The exercise involves dividing your life into categories and scoring your level of satisfaction in each category. Like in the wheel below.... then you find out, is your wheel balanced or wonky?

The theory is that a balanced wheel is where all areas of your life are scored evenly, and that a wonky wheel suggests areas of correction. This can be useful if you are aiming for a balanced wheel! But it can also be rather arbitrary, subjective and not so helpful. In my opinion, it misses the point!

What if you are a professional swimmer? Then Health and Fitness category, by necessity, would be maybe 75% of your life balance and many other things would score lowly, because this is what you must do to achieve excellence! You have to focus on what you want to achieve. This isn’t a wonky wheel or a life out of balance, this is a life designed around achievement of specific goals. The point is not getting a balanced life, but first deciding what you want and then balancing your life, actions and decisions to achieve what you want.

Rather than getting stressed about balance, it is much better to decide on what you want and then balance your life toward the achievement of these goals. This can be a huge revelation and reducer of stress.

The same applies to a woman who has made her priority to be a stay-at-home mum. Her Life Balance will be overwhelmingly weighted towards looking after the children and the home. Her career/work category is going to score low and there is nothing wrong with that if that is what she wants. If it’s not what she wants, then it’s time to reorganise.

The wheel can be a useful tool, but it is important to also remember that all of us go through different stages of life balance. For example, consider the Life balance in each of the following three cases...

Thee circles represent the time and energy three people in very different circumstances would spend on their career, recreation and relationships. The time they allocate is affected by Life stages and their own aspirations, not a subjective and arbitrary notion of Life Balance.

You see, how you run your life is entirely up to you and where you are at in your life and what you are trying to achieve.

When you use 4me2realise, we take the guesswork out of Life Balance. As you journal, especially against your goals and projects, you note how much time you dedicated to this. At any point you can see how much time you have spent on a project, on a big goal and in any Life Balance category you care to create. In this way you can assess and decide if your life is unbalanced or perfectly balanced to achieve your goals.

If your goal is to improve your finances yet you consistently spend most of your time in health and reaction, well it’s time to get real! 4me2realize doesn’t tell you what to do, but it very clearly helps you see what you are doing and get alignment with what you want.

Why not try it now, click here to try it with a 60 day money back guarantee.

4me2realize 60 Days FREE TRIAL

And if you order now you’ll get 3 months of free on-line support and a year of FREE upgrades.

Kind regards

Monday, November 2, 2009

Who are you?

“Who are you and who do you want to be?” is the most important question when you start to create a plan for your life. You want to find out what your life’s purpose is because this will give you the reason for everything you do in your life.

It transforms cooking for the family, into a loving act of providing the family with lifelong habits of good nutrition and healthy living. You want to be a wonderful parent. How can cooking be a chore when it has this inspiring purpose?

This is the secret of motivating yourself to get what you want, start first with WHO you want to be.
Your Life’s Purpose, put simply, is something that you work towards all your life.
We all have a purpose but many of us have never thought to describe it in a sentence. Do not fear, a “purpose” is not final or ultimate. It is always evolving. It evolves as we gain more knowledge and experience of ourselves.
Here are a few tips to describing your purpose:
  • It should be broad enough to encompass many aspects of your life.
  • It should be something that you never complete.
  • It should be something that gives you a good feeling.
  • It should be something that contributes to others.
The following questions are helpful in reflecting on your purpose:

If somebody (or a universal guiding force) looked at your life and could see past, present and future, what would they say your purpose would be?

Assess your life experiences to date, your challenges, your gifts, and your opportunities. Find the direction and reason for these, and how they might contribute to a purpose. Look at what you contribute to family, friends, and colleagues. In conversation and consideration, what balance do you bring to the situation?

Have fun and start Realizing your Dreams Today!