Monday, November 2, 2009

Who are you?

“Who are you and who do you want to be?” is the most important question when you start to create a plan for your life. You want to find out what your life’s purpose is because this will give you the reason for everything you do in your life.

It transforms cooking for the family, into a loving act of providing the family with lifelong habits of good nutrition and healthy living. You want to be a wonderful parent. How can cooking be a chore when it has this inspiring purpose?

This is the secret of motivating yourself to get what you want, start first with WHO you want to be.
Your Life’s Purpose, put simply, is something that you work towards all your life.
We all have a purpose but many of us have never thought to describe it in a sentence. Do not fear, a “purpose” is not final or ultimate. It is always evolving. It evolves as we gain more knowledge and experience of ourselves.
Here are a few tips to describing your purpose:
  • It should be broad enough to encompass many aspects of your life.
  • It should be something that you never complete.
  • It should be something that gives you a good feeling.
  • It should be something that contributes to others.
The following questions are helpful in reflecting on your purpose:

If somebody (or a universal guiding force) looked at your life and could see past, present and future, what would they say your purpose would be?

Assess your life experiences to date, your challenges, your gifts, and your opportunities. Find the direction and reason for these, and how they might contribute to a purpose. Look at what you contribute to family, friends, and colleagues. In conversation and consideration, what balance do you bring to the situation?

Have fun and start Realizing your Dreams Today!

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