Friday, December 25, 2009

4me2realize : "My Goals"

Your goals contribute to your purpose, often directly and often indirectly. Life is a balance. Life is made of up stuff you can control and some stuff you can’t. 4me2realize goes easy on having “target dates” for this reason. As long as you can keep your goals in your conscious and why you must work towards them, you will be motivated to take action. As long as you are taking action you are achieving.

Think about what is a goal and what is a project. Don’t make a goal like “cycle 5 days a week” – this should be a project, the goal should be “to be healthy and fit”. If you cannot think of projects for this goal then it is probably not a goal.
We recommend that you don’t write down every single goal you have in your life now and for the next 50 years. Just the ones that currently have a “reason” and that you can work on now. You will also find as you gather knowledge and experience your goals might change so you need to have the space to be adaptable.
If you imagine a uni-cyclist, their balance is never “still”. Your weight is always shifting in a random pattern, the subconscious mind must constantly adapt to the purpose (to stay upright). If you find yourself under achieving in an area or goal, then adapt by using all of your resources.
When entering a goal you will be asked to associate it to a “life balance”. Life Balance is where you link your goal to an area of your life, i.e. family, friends, career, finance, health, etc. 4me2realize uses these life balance areas to analyze your activity once you start recording events. Life balance is dynamic. 4me2realize proposes the concept that “life balance” is the answer rather than the question, meaning we don’t start by defining life balance, but rather it is a result. The result, if unbalanced is a good opportunity to reflect and redirect your effort if required.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Realize your Resolutions - Make Your New Year’s Resolve STICK

This article is 778 words and will take you less than 2 minutes to read.

From the team at Anti Chaos Systems we wish you a joyous, festive and blessed Christmas season and a wonderful year 2010 realizing your dreams!

Wednesday 22 December 2009, From my Michelago desk, watching bushfires burn!


New Year’s is traditionally a time when we make a list of “resolutions” that we want to achieve in the coming year.

Do you have your list for 2009? Did you achieve some, all or none of your list? Or have you given up on making resolutions so you don’t need to worry about failing? Or has someone else set your resolutions for you like in this cartoon?

Google New Year’s Resolutions and there are 2 million web sites promising to help you keep that resolution. Yet many people fail to keep a single resolution. Why is this? Why do our good intentions fizzle out?

New Year’s resolutions are like to-do lists. On their own they do not work. This missing ingredient is MOTIVATION!

How can you get a stay motivated to achieve your resolutions?
You MUST have an inspiring, powerful, emotionally intense reason WHY. And those Reasons must align with WHO you are.

Often we make resolutions because we think we should. We are driven by obligation, duty, fashion, politics or other people. None of these are going to be long lasting motivators.

What you want to find is a deep emotional driver from within yourself, something that is going to “turn you on” for a long time!

The most common resolutions include, lose weight, manage debt, get a better job, quit smoking, drink less alcohol, reduce stress.

These are good goals but don’t make them if you don’t have the motivating, inspiring why. Empty promises, like unfulfilled resolutions can sap your confidence and undermine your progress.

Here’s something to ponder, make ONLY ONE commitment – to take time to make your resolutions carefully.

Here’s some suggestions, please make some time for yourself over the holiday season and try this;
  • Write a list of a few (say 5) resolutions.
  • Write 5 reasons why for each resolution.
  • Describe the feelings you want.
  • Take time, reflect, dig deep within yourself.
Then think about how does each resolution create the person you want to be? What is required emotionally for you to achieve this?

What must you discard in your thoughts, feelings, actions? Connect with your spirit as you visualize yourself achieving this goal. Intensely feel the emotions, these are your motivators! The stronger you feel, the easier it will be to achieve your resolutions! When you get waylaid, just repeat the exercise, it is mental exercise, no sweat involved! And the more you exercise, the stronger your mental attitude gets.

I have a friend who each year spends two days camped by the river doing this exercise. My friend is wise and knows that this solitary time of reflection and introspection will create a better future and she dedicates the time fitting for the task. She always comes back, suntanned and inspired! And her family are always pleased to see her back because she is happy and positive.

Often we get caught up in the busyness of life. Contemplative time becomes a victim, yet it is this thinking time that can save us from stress and it’s multitude of related modern diseases. Take time for yourself and think though the WHY’s that will motivate you to succeed.

A lot of people baulk from doing this exercise because it sounds like hard work, but when you get started, it is FUN. It’s like being a kid in the toy store before Christmas and being told, you can have anything you want How good would that feel?

All of this process is very easy in 4me2realize, because the software systematically walks you through it and not just on New Year’s Eve but every day you use it, making your chances of success even better. Perhaps you should make it your New Year’s resolution to try this software.

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P.s. We are going to take a break over Christmas. So I will write again in the new year. Looking forward to talking with you then.

Yours Sincerely

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's all About YOU!

Using 4me2realize launches you on a journey of self discovery. Here's a sneak peak at what you'll dicover in 4me2realize;

  • How to create a Life Purpose that inspires and motivates you to achieve your goals and projects with no effort or discipline
  • How to identify the thoughts and actions that sabotage your good intentions
  • What is incongruence and how to recognize it and how to stop it stalling your decisions and actions.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Journal Writing - Power and Pitfalls

This letter is 795 words and will take you two and a half minutes to read. It gives insights on the power and pitfalls of writing journals.

The Pros and Cons of Keeping a Diary

Thursday 2 December 2010 From my Canberra desk


Many people think of journaling as a “Dear Diary” type of self absorbed and useless exercise. And it can be that. Or it can be a gift of clarity. The difference between the two is structure and discipline.

I have used a journal for years. The developmental stages of my journal charts my personal growth. In my youth, it was a completely unstructured, self absorbed, stream of consciousness narrative. Reading back is nauseating! In my middle years it became more structured and positive, starting with a section on gratitude. No longer seriously self absorbed  but probably not that riveting to anyone else but me. And that’s Ok, it’s for my eyes only.

And while this was a wonderful improvement, I was still having problems. It was hard to track progress on individual goals in my life, it was chronological rather than subject organised. It was hard to remember and look up particular life lessons learned or anything else, no search function! It wasn’t secure and subject to getting lost or read by others! And it was painfully slow and time seems to be speeding up and I had less to spend journaling!

Journals are however priceless when it comes to problem solving and that’s why they survive. You can have a conversation with yourself, stating the problem, and then systematically raising and evaluating solutions.

Because you have to write it down, you have to slow down your thinking. This is very beneficial. Our thoughts are lightning fast. It’s not till you really question your thinking, make the unconscious conscious, that you realize how your thinking is influencing your actions.

Everything starts with a thought.

Not all our thinking serves us well. Slowing down your thinking by writing will help people identify more clearly what is driving or not serving them.

That’s where the second tenant of journal writing comes into effect. Using structure and discipline will stop you sliding into self centred absorption. Ideally you want your writing to slow your thinking so you can identify the things that serve you and those that don't in your thinking and behaviour. There is a trap, in self centred writing, to use the writing medium to justify yourself to yourself. Not very searching, but satisfying if you are content to stay where you are.

By using structure in your journal, you are being guided to analyse your thinking and your actions with an intellectual discipline. If your goal is to buy a house and you’re no closer to you outcome; what would you prefer, to know your right in whatever story you tell yourself, or identify the thinking and behaviour which is limiting you from achieving your goal?

At the end of the day it's your choice. You have to accept the rescue.

My final journal development is 4me2realize. It solves the problems I was having with my journal. It is secure, protected, can’t be lost and it’s structured. I can look at entries by subject or in chronological order, like a normal daily journal. It also helps analyse what I do in relation to my Life Purpose, which gives me clarity. It also helps me see when I am engaging the behaviours that help me and those that do not serve me. It took me a while to “realize” that this system was better that what had taken me years to develop, but when I did, I was hooked.

4me2realise is great for people who are not good at writing, or don’t like writing. The entries can be short and quick and 4me2realize will link them to your overall goals and projects. You can quickly see what you are doing and what is working for you and what is not happening. The journal writing will give you clarity and 4me2realise will pull all your life together into a meaningful whole. After all, you life is not separate bits, but a whole, marvellous life.

It’s your life to be lived, enjoyed and realized.
All these principles are incorporated in 4me2realize.

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Kind regards