Friday, December 25, 2009

4me2realize : "My Goals"

Your goals contribute to your purpose, often directly and often indirectly. Life is a balance. Life is made of up stuff you can control and some stuff you can’t. 4me2realize goes easy on having “target dates” for this reason. As long as you can keep your goals in your conscious and why you must work towards them, you will be motivated to take action. As long as you are taking action you are achieving.

Think about what is a goal and what is a project. Don’t make a goal like “cycle 5 days a week” – this should be a project, the goal should be “to be healthy and fit”. If you cannot think of projects for this goal then it is probably not a goal.
We recommend that you don’t write down every single goal you have in your life now and for the next 50 years. Just the ones that currently have a “reason” and that you can work on now. You will also find as you gather knowledge and experience your goals might change so you need to have the space to be adaptable.
If you imagine a uni-cyclist, their balance is never “still”. Your weight is always shifting in a random pattern, the subconscious mind must constantly adapt to the purpose (to stay upright). If you find yourself under achieving in an area or goal, then adapt by using all of your resources.
When entering a goal you will be asked to associate it to a “life balance”. Life Balance is where you link your goal to an area of your life, i.e. family, friends, career, finance, health, etc. 4me2realize uses these life balance areas to analyze your activity once you start recording events. Life balance is dynamic. 4me2realize proposes the concept that “life balance” is the answer rather than the question, meaning we don’t start by defining life balance, but rather it is a result. The result, if unbalanced is a good opportunity to reflect and redirect your effort if required.
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