Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Melbourne Cup, How to pick the winner
In  Australia, where I live, we have an annual horse race in November, the Melbourne Cup, which stops the country.

You have to experience it to believe it. It is an unofficial holiday, with parties at work, almost everyone bets, women wear hats, and there is a TV propped up on the desk come race time….

To back the winner of the Melbourne Cup is easy. You just choose the winning horse. Thousands of people do it every year. So now you know. Too easy.

In my first real journalism job for the local newspaper, I paid $5 to go in to the office sweep and was absolutely delighted to get the winner and win $35, which was a lot to add to my meager pay check as a cadet! The Managing Editor came to congratulate me, but he was mostly annoyed that he had lost $500!

It’s a gamble. And I’ll have some fun every November for this amazing horse race, but it’s not the way I play my life. I like more calculated risks.

How many people, maybe yourself, pay a lot to win, but accept poor odds by doing nothing more than putting the money down? Paid for gym membership and never showed up, bought the book but never read it, attended the conference and never implemented a single suggestion? I have done this!

You are full of good intentions, even willing to part with your money, but then the challenge of making changes, taking action, trips you up... 
There are two reasons why this might happen; 
1. Poor alignment; the plan you had is not right for you.
2. You lack something; help or knowledge or encouragement or understanding or motivation. Something was missing to get you over the finishing line.

If you had everything you needed (no excuses please) then it’s time to look and understand yourself and set more aligned goals.

If you didn’t have everything you needed to achieve, work out what’s missing, and get it!

In both cases, most people miss motivation and understanding themselves. They have the money, they have the good intentions, but they are just gambling and the odds are they’ll lose. I don’t like those odds.

Getting self awareness is a job you choose to do, just like building a business and putting out the garbage. If you do the work, good things flow and bad things get handled (yep – they still happen). With self awareness you will know if you are being tripped up by a lack or poor alignment.

So good luck with the Melbourne Cup, have fun with your flutter, but when it comes to your life, don’t gamble. 

Get a system that helps you understand and get alignment.

4me2realize incorporates these principles.
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