Friday, November 20, 2009

4me2realize Reminder System

My Reminder
Now you have set up all your Goals and Projects how are you going to remember to do all that stuff?
4me2realize has a powerful reminder function that lets you do the nagging, arh, reminders! The reminder feature uses mobile phone text messages and emails to help you remember what’s important. If you have ever got caught up in something, and all your other priorities have gotten lost, then this feature will really help you because it will interrupt you and remind you of what YOUR agenda is.

4me2realize also offers 2 types of reminders, set or random. Set reminders occur at a specific time and are great for goals and projects. Random reminders area bit more feral! They can happen at any time and you can use them to really start working on your unconscious mind. The randomness of the message means you don’t expect it, which adds impact. Random messages are great for wisdom, gratitude, and magic moments, and getting you focused on what really matters in your life.

There are two more reminder types, free form or connected to a project or goal. Free forms are reminders about whatever you want and connected relate to a specific goal or project.

Start Realizing your Dreams Today!

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