Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why and How is 4me2realize Different?

4me2realize is unique because;
  1. Combines 3 powerful self improvement strategies, designing and applying a Life Purpose, Goal setting and journaling.
  2. Puts them together in an online computer database that can be used anywhere, anytime.
  3. The design of 4me2realize links Life Purpose with Goal setting with journaling, just like life, they overlap and interlink.
  4. Traditional Journaling’s chronological limitations are overcome by 4me2realize because it organises information BOTH by date and subject giving people great clarity, focus and power in their life design.
  5. These links help people get alignment and congruence between how they think and behave.
  6. It helps people orchestrate their lives.
  7. It is simple, fun and satisfying to use and people stay with it.
  8. Once established people can clearly see it’s benefits in their lives.
  9. You will actually come to look forward to your 4me2realize time each day.
  10. It does not gather dust on a bookshelf after the event or after you’ve read it.
  11. It is not expensive, your real investment is time and commitment for a better life.
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