Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What do you see in the Mirror?

There is a great book called the E-myth by Michael Gerber. If you run a business or want to, it is a MUST read, especially for small to medium sized business. If you want to one day be big, then Good to Great by Jim Collins is also an absolute MUST.

In E-myth Michael explains that a business, whatever it is, is an extension of yourself, your own personal beliefs and your own world view. Your business will reflect you.

When I looked at the business my husband and I had built, I could see it was true. A lot of the beliefs, values and characteristics of US, were ingrained into the corporate culture of our business, honesty, hard work, perseverance. Standard stuff, but we also had; daring to be different, fun, commonsense, and caring! These were unique to us and our business.

Our business very much reflected our strengths.... AND our weaknesses. So if our business wasn’t performing, we had no further to look, than ourselves. Sobering stuff. But also liberating....

If there are things around you, in your business, your job, your relationship, your health or wealth that are not proceeding as you would like them, the first place to look for solutions is within yourself.

In most cases, what appears around you, is a reflection of what is inside you. What at first appears external, is in fact very much influenced by your internal reality. The good news means that it can change. That’s liberating.

The hard lesson, is that to change anything in your world, the most effective place to start, is with yourself. For many people, it is easier to blame the economic climate, their partner, their boss, their parents, for their predicament. It is easier, but not effective.

When we try and change we come up against RESISTANCE. At this point most people resign themselves to the “way things are” and do their best to cope. Successful people are different. They use strategies and systems that make changing their internal reality and therefore their external circumstances, easy and effective. Drat them, it’s actually natural for them.

The happy news is, these systems and strategies can be learned, used and implemented by anyone with the will.

Using 4me2realize will guide you everyday to adopt habits, strategies, thinking, behaviour and systems that will make changing your circumstances easier and more fun than a tonne of excuses!

Get into the habits of the highly successful, design your own life and live on your terms.

Let me know what external circumstances you have found that reflect your internal reality and what you did or are doing to change it.

Kindest regards

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"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi
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