Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is more important, your life or your money?

Do you do business? Involved in the business world in anyway? Have you ever bought or sold something? Then you know that in this world everything revolves around one thing, a financial transaction. Nothing happens until something is sold. (Really?)

And when something is sold, a record is kept, a financial record. Where would the world be without financial systems? Started by the Egyptians more than 3 thousand years ago, and still going strong! They track every transaction, every nuance of buyer behaviour and market favour.

No one would start a business and get very far without a financial system in the background, ticking over, recording every sale, creating balance sheets, profit and loss reports, budgets, monthly and yearly reports. Taking the financial pulse of every artery of business, letting us know those vital statistics, allowing us to make adjustments, chart our course and create wealth and success, and avoid failure and ruin.

Wouldn’t you agree these financial systems are VERY important.  But it is ONLY money. There is one thing even more important, YOUR LIFE.

What system do you have for your life?

If your life is worth MORE than MONEY, why wouldn’t you treat it with MORE respect, more importance, time, consideration, priority? Hmm.... thought provoking I hope.

Because my life is more important than anything I own, I have developed a system that tracks my EMOTIONAL transactions. You see -  there is more to life than financial transactions.....MUCH MORE.

I get a balance sheet of my Life, assets, liabilities, expenses and income, in terms of who I am and who I want to become, my strengths and weaknesses. What I get and what I give when I contribute my talents to the world.... I have my budget on goals, aspirations and achievements and reports on projects & progress. I can see where I need to make adjustments in spending – emotional energy that is wasted and where there are opportunities for self development.

I record my assets in magic moments and my expenses in wisdom and lessons learned. I live fully. Just like a well run business, I track my transactions to achieve my fullest potential.

If you have a business head, have you ever thought about a system that would help you run your life like you run a business? A life management system?

Since the Egyptians humans have been creating systems, since Aristotle, humans have sought improvement in higher realms, ourselves.

Combine systems with self development and you empower yourself to achieve your fullest potential. 

4me2realize combines a life management system, technology and psychology. What’s missing? Only You.

Kindest regards
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