Monday, September 20, 2010

The problem – my life management was a dog’s breakfast!

I am an avid seeker of my higher self. I have read a tonne of self development books, been to many self development courses, even walked on fire. I have taken hundreds of pages of notes.  I meditate daily. Eat my greens. Exercise, visualise and affirm my mantras. I watch DVD’s, listen to CD’s and read and research online.

All of this has been transformational, liberating, enlightening. But I still had a problem.

I had created my life purpose. I had written down my goals. I had a long to do list and a daily journal. I had high standards and ambitious plans. I also had a work and family schedule. Sometimes it seemed I was spending more time organising myself than doing the things I loved or needed to do.

All these “parts” of my life were in different places, even though they were all related to each other. I had to constantly keep referring to them. Amending them became more effort than it was worth. I did as best I could to keep track of it all in my head and with various lists and systems. It was, in short, a dog’s breakfast and frustrating.

I tried a few different systems, including Anthony Robbin’s Rapid Planning Method or Results, Purpose, Massive Action (RPM). I loved the principles in that system, but it was a lot of repetitious, cumbersome, onerous work. I wanted it online, sleek and easy. 

Online there were many systems that offered goal setting, life purpose and journaling, but none that tied it all up together. That’s what I wanted. That was my problem. I needed to bring it all together in one place and make it easy and simple to use and refer to, so that my grand plans and little details all got looked after in one place.

I’m so pleased I found 4me2realize. I have goal setting, Life purpose and journaling all in one place, all integrated and sleek. I also have reminders by SMS or email, a place to store all my magic moments and life’s wisdom. I have my life on a page which really helps me get clarity and focus on what’s important. And the behaviour analysis is so subtle and empowering, utilising the best of modern psychology, I get the self awareness to create the life I desire.

If you have had the same problem, don’t settle for a dog’s breakfast, try 4me2realize.

Castaly Lombe

Chief of Makin' it Happen
Be the change you want to see in the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi


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