Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heartfelt Thanks and Merry Christmas

Hi there,

In whatever country, culture, latitude and attitude! :) this letter finds you  - I want to personally send you my warm wishes for the holiday season. I am wishing you large amounts of happiness, love, peace and joy amongst family and friends. And I am wishing you small things too, like family tiffs, holiday traffic, credit card balances, waistline and checkout queues. Ho Ho Ho  life goes on!

Christmas is a time of rituals, some going back to the dawn of civilisation. One Christmas New Year ritual I love is my annual review. I look both back and forward and take time to count my blessings. I plan, dream, look at lessons learned. It is a gorgeous ritual, made much easier by 4me2realize. As I do this, I realize there are many people who have touched my life in very positive ways this year. You are one of these people. Thank you.

Really, Really, EXTRA Thank you because this year has been one that has tested my resolve, self belief, ability and resourcefulness. It has also asked me to step up repeatedly. Having been in business for 20+ years is no guarantee that starting a new business will be easy! A lot has changed. And so have I. But I have loved every minute because I have not journeyed alone. You have made it worthwhile, reading my letters, your positive comments, your feedback, support and interest.  I am writing today because I remember you. You touched me and it has all helped. I am soooo grateful to you and blessed to have your involvement. In the moments that I was tested, you have helped me keep my resolve.

I love my life, I’ve loved sharing with you and I am looking forward to the New Year.

Thank you
And Happy Christmas 

Kindest regards,

Castaly Lombe
Chief of Makin' it Happen
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