Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Life Purpose

This article is 795 words and will take you about 2 minutes to read and will help you create an amazing driving, inspiring Life Purpose, the foundation up on which you can with clarity and focus build the rest of your amazing life...

What is the Purpose of your LIFE? BIG question.
I can’t tell you the number of people who stumble at this point. Stare at the screen for hours. Give up.

My advice is to persist, preserve. The reward is just amazing.

 When you nut it out, it is like sunlight streaming through clouds, you may hear an orchestra playing or angels singing. Your heart is light as a feather. Everything falls into place. You may laugh, you may cry with relief.

 Well that’s what happened to me. Everything made sense, all my life’s mistakes and achievements all meant something. I could see them leading me to this point and I could clearly see a path ahead. It was an enlightening, joyful moment. I wanted to share it with everyone I was so excited!

 A lot of people who love their jobs confuse their work with their life purpose. What you have to tease out is “what is it about my work that I love?” What are the essential elements unique to me, that I love?

 On the weekend I meet an old friend who is a press photographer. He’s been working for the same local paper for over 20 years. He isn’t just taking pictures, he wouldn’t still be there if it was “just” a job. He is a remarkable individual. Everyone loves and knows him. If I was to analyse him, his life purpose may be “to creatively portray and interpret the world in a way that captures, connects and moves people deeply to reflect and transform their own lives.”

 Notice, there is nothing about taking pictures in his Life Purpose? His camera just happens to be his current “tool” of choice... He can do this with any tool, in any role, with his kids, his wife, in his retirement, and today working for the local newspaper. And it sums him up perfectly, taking fantastic photos and connecting people throughout the local community. It isn’t just about him, but also about what he gives to the world through his talents.

 If you hate your job, then think about the things you love doing. Surfing? Horse riding gardening, painting pictures, helping people? What really turns you on? What gets you out of bed in the morning without an alarm clock?

Now what is it about these things that you love? What is behind it? What is essential to your character that is being satisfied when you do this activity? When you find that, you have found an element of your life purpose. Hooray!

 Craft it into some words. Take your time. This is your precious life.

 When I looked at my life, the things I loved best were writing and communicating to effect positive change. It was a common thread across several DIFFERENT careers, including motherhood, journalism and running a company. Creating change really turned me on and that is the main element of my Life Purpose today, to change the world and make it a better place... I do this by improving myself, raising great kids, running a successful business, selling my software. It encompasses everything I do and it so turns me on!

Your Life Purpose should encompass ALL aspect of your life, whatever life stage you are at, or whatever job you are doing. For example, selling Avon, as I did as a student, gave me many skills I later used in journalism! Being persistent was one! So it doesn’t matter if you are doing a job which isn’t your perfect job, because if you have a clearly defined Life Purpose, you’ll find the things in this job, that you have to learn, to get you to where you want to go...

Don’t limit your Life Purpose to the job you are doing, make sure it includes WHO you are when you are a lover, partner, parent, retired, working, playing, relaxing, being the one, true, unique, marvellous, amazing individual that is, the remarkable, ONLY YOU!

 Good luck with the Big Question, when you get it right, the small stuff is easy and it no longer dictates your life.

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