Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bringing Peace to the Life Balance War

Life Balance is such a trendy term at the moment. We are supposed to be able to balance our work and our life somehow. This dualistic approach tends to turn life and work into competing forces fighting over you. I don’t like this idea and living it is hell!

So how to avoid it? Add another element.

Doesn’t this mean there is more competing interests for you. No, because the third element is YOU!

Adding you, means you devote as much energy to yourself as you would to your work or any other area of your life, like you wife, girlfriend, family, friends, sports or hobbies.

When you devote the appropriate amount of time to developing yourself, everything benefits.

I prefer this more peaceful triology of work, life and self in balance, each complimenting the other in a meaningful and beautiful dance through life. And notice what a balanced life looks like? A peace symbol. Coincidence or not, it has a nice feel about it.

When you find yourself between these three areas the result is a more peaceful, aligned life.

In today’s busy world, it seems the first casualty is our personal peace, time to think, contemplate and be considered. Work and life seem to keep their share, funny that! You can blame the world, or you can step up and take responsibility, at least for yourself, by taking time to develop yourself.

When I imagine a highly evolved person, I think of monks on mountaintops. People who spend a lot of their time on their own, developing their inner self first.

We don’t have to become monks! But just a nudge of more time for yourself can be restorative.

4me2realize creates an environment where you are guided through a process of self analysis and then integrates and encourages contemplation and review. Rather than sending you to mountain tops, it uses modern software. But the result is the same, time for you and peace in your life.

How much time for yourself? Well it just depends, on you. But I know I am better if I take at least an hour for myself every day! And that’s not at the gym or in front of the TV! For some people, just 15 minutes a day is a great start.

Warning, as you start the habit of taking time for yourself, it becomes addictive. As you improve yourself, the world around you also improves. It is a wonderful, self perpetuating spiral. It feels great.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, how old or young you are, what your job or relationships are, you can start right now, today on improving yourself. You need nothing but time and commitment.

So where do you start once you have found a few minutes and the will? I of course am going to suggest you try 4me2realize.

And right now you can try it for free for 60 days. That’s enough time to start a really good habit and get on the path of self improvement.

Peace be with you

Kind regards


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